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Convenient holder for driver's cards or documents (the rights and the registration certificate for the car are easily placed in the pockets). There are two pockets for cards, in one of them there is a hole for easy pulling cards. It is also a great option for magnetic passes, or contactless cards.It is possible to apply a name, a logo, a favorite phrase, a declaration of love or wishes in the form of embossing (put a checkmark in the line embossing in the comments, write what you need to put on the holder).

Категория Для женщин
Производитель POHVALIN
Type Business card holder
Article 608-5
Material Кожа
Size 10 * 7 * 0.5 cm
Colour red
Lining no, only leather
Страна-производитель товара Украина
Страна регистрации бренда Украина

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