Notepads and diaries inleather covers inspire and give strength to the owner. If you are a lover of notebooks and notebooks, you understand what it is about ;-) We offer covers from genuine leather in black, brown, red and other colors. Covers made in the workshop POHVALIN are popular since 2013 (the year the company was founded). High product quality proves the product warranty for 1 year. There are covers with a zip fastener and production is also possible without it and in other sizes. There are folder covers, they are convenient for quick replacement of leaves and long use.

We betray the production of nominal covers: with the application of initials or any other information on the cover. Personalized notebooks - the perfect gift for any holiday, he will tell the future owner how much he is dear to you.

Production time: 1-2 days, fast delivery in Kiev and Ukraine: 1-2 days (depending on your chosen delivery service order).