Each product that comes out from under the hands of our masters has a goal - to give joy and pleasure to its owner.

Our belief in the quality of leather, design and manufacturing allows us to give 3 years warranty for defects in materials and work of the master.

This warranty extends to materials and construction solely as part of the economic use of the product. Exposure to any corrosive chemicals and environments, such as water, salt, chlorine, air conditioners that cause corrosion, loss of color, and damage to the integrity of the material, or damage caused by the teeth of dogs, swimming in the sea or pool, road dust, etc. considered abuse and voids the warranty.

If, suddenly, your product does not last during the warranty period when using it economically, then contact us and we will help you.

Return or exchange of goods is possible within 14 days of receipt of the order in its original form, with no traces of use.

It is not possible to exchange and return previously received individually made products, including an individual size (for example, a bracelet under a watch), or in a non-standard leather.